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Michelin awarded restaurants in Buenos Aires

Michelin awarded restaurants in Buenos Aires

The renowned Guide has disembarked in Argentina and in 2024 tourists and locals will delight

January 23, 2024

In the search for culinary excellence in Argentina, the legendary MICHELIN Guide arrived in the country for the first time. The prestigious tire company that created its emblematic gastronomic guide since 1900 announced the restaurants that won Michelin stars and 71 mentions according to its historic essential criteria, among which are 7 green stars and 7 Bib Gourmand (for its quality-price ratio).

Winning restaurants in Buenos Aires

With two stars: Aramburu - chef: Gonzalo Aramburu

With one star
: Trescha - chef: Tomás Treschanski and Don Julio - chef: Guido Tassi

Michelin Green Star
, for its commitment to sustainability: Anchoita, Crizia, El Preferido y Don Julio.

Bib Gourmand Awards for value for money: Bis bistro, Reliquia, Anafe, Mengano, República del Fuego, Caseros and La Alacena Trattoria.

The Guide includes 57 Recommended restaurants, of which 42 are from Buenos Aires and 15 from Mendoza.
The award-winning restaurants will be present in the MICHELIN Guide in 2024 and 2025 and will be an opportunity for Argentina to be recognized worldwide for its gastronomy.
Its anonymous inspectors visited the most remote corners and sophisticated restaurants of Buenos Aires and Mendoza, in search of that exceptional gastronomic experience that deserves the recognition of the coveted Michelin stars. These experts, trained in the best hospitality schools in the world and with enriching experiences around the globe, immersed themselves in Argentine culture in an unknown way, like any diner.

What is the Michelin Guide?
The MICHELIN Guide, a culinary reference that transcended generations, finds its origin in the vision of brothers André and Edouard Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand, France, in 1889. At a time when the automotive world was just taking its first steps, these visionaries They founded a tire empire, and with it, they gave life to the famous Michelin Guide in 1900. This guide not only provided practical information for drivers, such as maps and tips for changing tires, but also recommendations for places to rest and enjoy the scenery. local cuisine.

In 1920 the guide stopped being free, marking a before and after in its history. Three years later, the "Recommended Hotels and Restaurants" category was included. Over time, the famous Michelin stars were introduced to qualify culinary excellence, with three levels of recognition: one, two or three stars. The highest distinction represents exceptional cuisine, two stars denote top quality in its category, and one star indicates a very good restaurant in its class.


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