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A Stroll Through The Garden: Botanical Tour

A Stroll Through The Garden: Botanical Tour

Our incredible guides, Camila and Matias, went on a botanical garden tour with Roy, Donald and John. Take a look at it!

October 25, 2023

Our guests' wonderful day began with lunch at La Compañía, located in the center of the city of Córdoba, with Camila, their guide. The protagonists were Roy, Donald and John.

The real action started when they arrived at the Botanical Garden, which was created and developed between 1997 and 2003 with the mission to protect regional biodiversity, conserve native flora and respect natural resources. Their first stop was the greenhouse, where they could see tropical plants from all over the world (many of them endangered). 

Then they continued on to the artificial lagoon where carp fish, turtles and aquatic plants coexist. Later they arrived at the native flower walk, where Matias, another Beagle guide, explained the legend of the Ceibo flower, which is the national flower of Argentina. There were also many cacti and succulents as this section has a temperate and dry climate, where the vegetation has abundant thorns and small leaves.

After that, they crossed a bridge and stood at the viewpoint of the stream, located on the banks of the Infiernillo stream, a tributary of the Suquía River which is one of the most important rivers in the province of Córdoba. 

Our guests were very interested in all matters related to botany and biology in general. They were experts on the subject and knew the names of all the plants and their origin.

They learned a little about the Universidad Libre del Ambiente (ULA), which is a space for environmental education for the generation and transmission of knowledge, promotion of values, awareness and participation to actively contribute to the sustainability of Cordoba. 

The whole tour was customized according to their wishes and expectations. If someone wants to visit and get to know a specific place, Beagle Tours is the right one for the job.

Finally, Camila together with Roy, Donald and John started their way back to the center of the city for a snack, where the tour ended.


Matias Peralta

Tour Guide

Translation by Guadalupe Boll


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