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Shopping, Wine Tasting, and Culinary Adventures with Beagle Tours

Shopping, Wine Tasting, and Culinary Adventures with Beagle Tours

The group of clients embarked on an enchanting journey through the city of Córdoba, marked by a delightful shopping and tour experience.

October 23, 2023

Their day began with a visit to the picturesque Macadam restaurant at 11:45, where they were welcomed with open arms. To ensure their comfort, a translated menu was provided, allowing them to explore the culinary offerings with ease. The group started their meal with a delectable assortment of appetizers and Aperol, and the main course featured a selection of pasta dishes that left them thoroughly impressed. The charming ambiance of the restaurant resonated with them, prompting a photo session to commemorate the memorable occasion.

Adding an extra layer of warmth to the experience, the group received a delightful birthday surprise in the form of a chocotorta cake in honor of Brittany. This sweet gesture was accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee, and Brittany herself declared it as her best birthday ever.

Their journey in Argentina left a profound impact on them. Initially anticipating a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, the group found themselves in love with the country and its people, expressing a desire to return. Engaging in conversations about future possibilities and places to explore, the clients exhibited a relaxed and spontaneous attitude, open to embracing whatever came their way.


Their desire to savor wine in the beautiful vineyards of Córdoba became a reality. The next adventure was a visit to "La Caroyense" winery. Here, a humble request for a small wine tasting session was met with a gracious acceptance. They indulged in two included wine tastings. As wine enthusiasts, they couldn't resist purchasing leather wine carriers, magnets, and backpacks, and they departed with a bottle of their preferred wine. The group's fascination extended to the desire for a comprehensive tour of both vineyards.

Brittany, in particular, had a desire for souvenirs and a visit to the local festival. Therefore, the group headed to the Festival Museum. They were given a tour of the festival grounds, received insights into its history, watched an informative video, and explored the museum's exhibits that showcased the festival's rich heritage. This visit provided the perfect opportunity for Charlotte and Brittany to acquire a lot of souvenirs!


With Beagle Tours the adventure never ends: our guests will have a cooking class to tantalize their taste buds and provide with hands-on expertise in the heart of Argentina's culinary traditions.


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