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Visit to the wineries

Visit to the wineries

Colonia Caroya offers a unique experience

August 2, 2022

Terra Camiare

In Colonia Caroya, 52 kilometers from Córdoba, the place where the first American wine was born that reached the glass of King Felipe V of Spain and his court. Today with a great commitment to state-of-the-art technology and a human team dedicated to producing excellent wines for Argentina and the world, the wine cellar honors and revalues its 400-year-old history every day.


The wines

This winery will be able to produce, age, fractionate, and stow approximately 600,000 liters of wine. The plant has the latest technology in equipment, including stainless steel tanks, material pools, oak barrels, and ovoid cement vessels.


Bodega La Caroyense

is a Company that was originally born as a Cooperative, on November 18, 1930. At that time it was made up of 34 “colonos” who, with their spirit of work in vineyards and small family wineries, came together and joined forces.


Because the Founders were all from the Friuli and Veneto Regions, they built the building recreating a facade similar to the churches of the countryside, (inspired by the Cathedral Church of Udine) as a longing for their homeland.


As a result, after much effort, in 1932 they inaugurated the Winery.





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