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How to Choose a Wine Tour in Mendoza

How to Choose a Wine Tour in Mendoza

Whether you’re a proper wine connoisseur or you simply enjoy the occasional glass of rosé, Mendoza has a wine tour for you. This little slice of oenophile heaven is where most of Argentina’s wine is grown and produced. Not only is the Malbec (Argentina's most famous varietal) exquisite here, but the setting of Mendoza against the snow-kissed Andean Cordillera makes it one of the most spectacular wine regions in the world.

May 31, 2021

With so many wineries to see, plus distinct wine routes, and different ways of visiting the vineyards, choosing a wine tour in Mendoza can be difficult. But don’t worry; Daytours4u has got you covered with our breakdown of how to pick the perfect wine tasting tour for you.

Casual wine drinker

If you enjoy a glass of wine, but it’s all red and white and bubbly to you, a good entry level option is a Classic Wine Tour. You’ll have the chance to visit two wineries and an olive oil factory. This affordable tour is an easy introduction to Argentina’s finest wines, taking you on a journey to some scenic wine farms. The added benefit is that you’ll learn more about Mendoza’s other important crop - olive trees - and the production of olive oil.

Malbec obsessed

You know what Argentina is all about: Malbec, Malbec, Malbec. If your goal is to get acquainted with this sumptuous varietal, then a Malbec Wine Experience is the ideal tour for you. Visit three wineries that have played huge roles in elevating the status of Malbec around the world, and enjoy in-depth Malbec tastings, as well as a delectable lunch accompanied by more local wine.

Total oenophile

Those that can tell their syrah from their cabernet sauvignon with their eyes closed should focus their attention on the wineries in the top wine-producing regions in Mendoza: Lujan de Cuyo and Uco Valley. Take a small-group, personalised tour or consider a private tour. Most of these tours include lunch at a top restaurant on one of the wine farms. If you’re after more than just a world-class wine tasting but want to gain an in-depth knowledge of how wine is produced in this area, there is also an Oenological Tour, which will take you on a guided visit to three wineries, accompanied by each winery’s oenologist.

More interested in sightseeing

If it’s less about the wine and more about the sightseeing, then why not take a fun tour? One of the most popular ways of touring the vineyards of Mendoza is by bike. The best budget option is to take a bus from downtown Mendoza (171, 172 or 173 leaving from Catamarca and Rioja) to Maipú, where you can rent a bicycle and cruise to some of the many wineries close by. On Urquiza street - the main road - you’ll find many rental options. Mr. Hugo and Orange Bikes are two dependable options. You’ll be given a map when you rent your bike and from there you can choose your own wine adventure.

For something a bit more structured, and with more support, you can take a bike tour, which includes transfers, your tasting, and lunch. Or, for more intrepid travelling, there is also the unusual option of a winery tour on horseback.

Whether you decide to cycle through the vineyards of Maipú on a budget do-it-yourself wine tour, or you visit the premium wineries in the unbeatable Uco Valley, you’re sure to have an intoxicatingly good time tasting Argentina’s amazing wines.


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